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This site provides news, opinions and guidance about personal finance and investing.  Our goal is to help everyone understand important financial concepts and events that often appear complicated by the technical jargon Wall Street uses to describe them.

By using everyday language to describe financial events, we hope to serve as the preferred source of financial information for busy people. Our goal is to provide clear and honest answers to all your personal finance and investing questions.

Our Affiliate Company

This site is an affiliate of Abbilon Investments, LLC (“Abbilon”). Abbilon is an online investment adviser providing investment management services for individual clients. Unlike other automated investment advisers, Abbilon recommends portfolios of individual company stocks (not funds) and charges a fee only when clients earn money. For more information about Abbilon, please visit

What We believe

  • Everyone should have access to the same financial products and information – it leads to a better society.
  • Well-informed, educated investors are the best clients.

Our Values

Honesty, Loyalty, and Deligence.

Everything we do must be with the understanding that we are acting as agents and advisers for our clients. That’s why we can never forget our fiduciary obligation to act always in our clients’ best interest, to always give 100% effort, and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Disclaimer: None of the content in this Site should be considered investment, legal or tax advice. The authors rely on third information and opinions provided by independent third parties believed to be responsible. But we make no warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy or reliability of any such information.

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